Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Adoption Day!

Today marks one year since Clara and Elena legally became our daughters.
We want to make their adoption day special for them every year, in many ways. In addition to lots of talk (about birth family, our family together, their thoughts on adoption and family, etc.) we also want to mark the euphoria we felt when we were amazingly able to call these girls our own.

So, today we went about that by taking the girls to the party store and letting them pick any balloon they wanted (Elena chose a Pooh mylar, Clara chose Curious George). We had doughnuts and bagels for breakfast, and played together, all four of us, all day long.

Christina wanted to make the girls something special. Ever since she bought a cupcake book nearly a year ago (Hello, Cupcake!) the girls have been obsessed with the penguins in the book. They point to them and pick them out of the whole book, every time. So, Christina took a stab at making them. They are certainly not the world's prettiest cupcakes, but it was fun to show the girls how something from the book could suddenly be in front of them, messy and fun.

Here is the penguin flock:

And here is a (very LOUD, and so sorry for that!) video of the girls seeing them:

And here are our darling girls today, big and strong and happy and beautiful:

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And, to hopefully bring a little of our euphoria into your lives today, here is the video we meant to upload ages ago, of the girls dancing in the driveway to the "Little Ducks" song:

Happy, happy day.

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Cassie said...

Those cupcakes are almost as cute as the girls. Almost, but not quite. Happy Adoption Day to you.