Monday, June 15, 2009


We mean that in two senses of the word this week. First, the girls were ready to find their horses and head off to the cattle drive as soon as they discovered their Dad's cowboy hat this week. They had so much fun playing with it, and we thought they were the cutest cowgirls ever.

But the girls were really ready to giddyup and go when they got their early birthday presents today from their Grandpa and Grandma Mary! Their first, red, Radio-Flyer tricycles!
Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma Mary!

Here is Elena, her first time on the trike:

She is clearly thrilled and awed. She was very proud that she could get on and off by herself, as evidenced here:
Generally, she was just over-the-top thrilled, even though she can only push a little bit since she hasn't got a lot of the coordination down yet.
Clara, being a bit tinier, is even less mobile on the trike at the moment, but that didn't lessen her love for it.
In fact, one of her first things to do with the trike was to kiss it:
Clara liked being pushed around on the bike, and that' s probably a good way for her to learn, for now. She likes pushing Elena, too, but Elena really wants to ride on her own. Here's Clara, with apparent great concentration, sitting still on her trike:

Funny side note - as we were out riding/sitting/pushing trikes in the driveway, a motorcycle roared past. The girls pointed at the motorcycle, saying "Bike!" and then with great pride, motioned back over to their little red trikes and shouted out "Bike!" Yep, in their minds, they are right on par with the choppers. And with the cool red color and the flashy streamers of thier trikes, who can blame them?

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