Thursday, April 23, 2009

Full of Beans

The title today is something Christina's mom likes to say - and she would definitely have said it about the girls together. The title of the post might more aptly be called "empty of beans," as you'll see in a minute.

Today was a cold and wet day (it snowed - we knew it would do that to us again!) so we found our fun inside most of the time. The girls did fingerpainting with Steve while Christina went for a run, and then Christina came home so Steve could go to his bike maintenance class.

We've had some dried beans for two years that we've never used, and Christina had seen some other kids have lots of fun with beans. So she got down two jars of dried beans, and two empty ice cube trays, and let the girls have at it.

Our little organizer, Clara, sorting the beans in her compartments by color (she is so funny like that!):
Elena doesn't have quite the same sorting tendency, but she filled each section of the tray with black beans:
And then she dumps it on the floor. Look at Clara's face! You can guess what comes next:

A dumping free-for-all!
With all the beans on the floor, the girls get the idea to start putting them back in the jars, one by one:

That's fun for a bit, but then Elena gets curious - what happens if you turn over the jar? Here is evidence of her having tipped it over, but wait a minute for an action shot...

And you'll see Clara in the glorious process of tipping out all the beans!

They raked their hands through the beans, scooped them, shoveled them, pushed them - they had way more fun with beans than anticipated, and it really is a low-mess activity. As much as they threw them around, a quick sweep cleaned it all right up.

Then, it was time for dinner. Not beans, but lentils and rice with apricots. But the menu is not what is exciting - look what is:

Oh yes, where are their high chairs, you ask? If all goes well, soon to be sold at a garage sale. Steve saw Elena sitting on a chair by herself a few times - she seems able to get up on her own. She wasn't as short as we thought she'd be. Today we had to sing the "Sunrise, Sunset" song about them growing older because for breakfast they sat in chairs like big girls and ate their oatmeal. Christina ran out today to get some chair cushions, and lo, they are the perfect height now for eating on their own.

Here is Clara, with her new favorite phrase, "Tee Da!" (Ta Da)

Wow - so big. In other news, Elena can now somersault on her own and jump from the ground with two feet. She is definitely a mover and a shaker. Clara is now able to walk up and down stairs by herself (holding a hand or the wall). Amazing, we say! Such strides for girls we can't help but keep thinking of as babies. Guess they really aren't anymore.


thenewsestnewsome said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog :) I hope you'll follow along and hopefully we'll have great news at the end like you! I LOVE the title of your blog- TOO cute! (or TWO cute.. lol, now Im just getting cheesy) ;)

thenewsestnewsome said...

Do you have a link to the Catholic service? At this point I have no idea where we'll end up! LOL!
They look like 2 wonderful blessings though! Is your "story" posted anywhere?