Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We're still figuring out how the Easter Bunny works his magic over here, and this is the first year we're really having to get on the ball. Likely, the girls will notice more of our gaffes as the years go by, so we're probably safe for a bit. Steve convinced Christina that the girls should have breakfast before baskets, so that's what we did. The Easter Bunny didn't leave any candy, but he did leave several gifts and some chocolate milk, which the girls loved.

Sleepy Clara tries to see what this basket is doing on her table:
And discovers the egg shakers! These were a hit.
Elena looks in her basket, accompanied, of course, by Soft Dog:
Then she decides to check out whether her sister got anything better over in her basket:

Chocolate milk? Really? Clara cannot believe it - she has only had it once before in her life, and was so happy to have it as a morning treat:
Elena, also loving the egg shakers:
We played for a while, then got ready for church. Here is Clara in the Easter bonnet her Nana Rose and G-Daddy sent her:
And here is Elena, being silly with hers:

Once we were all dressed, we headed outside for our egg hunt. Steve had "checked" to make sure the Easter bunny had left the eggs outside, and brought the girls out to show them how it was done:
Clara was VERY enthusiastic about this game - she was so happy whenever she found an egg, and couldn't seem to believe that there were so many out there (there were only 12, but she's only little, so that must account for it):
Elena participated, too, but she didn't have quite the same enthusiasm. You can see her here, steadfastly NOT looking at the egg just behind her on the chair that is still "hidden." Clara had to share some of her eggs in the end, because Elena just didn't quite dive in there to find them.

Eventually, Elena trudged along to join the searching:

More success for Clara!
Clara's loot, in the end.
Then came the snacking. This was a fun part - there was only 1 M&M and 1 jellybean in each egg, but they still thought it was fun:
Steve helps Elena open her eggs:

Then both girls swarm Steve for egg assistance:

Christina's favorite picture of the day. What a beautiful view:
Elena, sneaking a few more eggs from Clara's basket.
Well, HERE is a little enthusiasm from Elena, right at the end of the hunt:

Of course, if we're comparing enthusiasm to last year, there is no contest. Flashback Clara and Elena couldn't seem to even focus their eyes on their baskets last year, so we've come a long way.

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