Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nana's Vision

We got a call from Nana Rose and G-Daddy (Steve's parents) on Sunday telling us that Nana had seen an ad for a little flower shop pop up play house, and that the girls NEEDED it. We were instructed that Nana was making sure that the girls had shade, and so now, shade they have:

This is such a cute little playhouse, and the girls ADORE the door (even though their favorite thing about it is closing it in one another's faces):
The girls spent such a long time this afternoon playing outside in the warm spring air, shaded and happy:
It turns out that the flower shop playhouse is a perfect place for snacking, too!

An added bonus - you would not believe how this playhouse just pops up on its own out of this little box - it is really virtually no set-up at all, and will be perfect to take to the park, the beach, or wherever we roam. Thank you, thank you, Nana Rose and G-Daddy! The girls give this two (four?) very happy thumbs up.

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cyndie said...

and, Elena seems to be wearing a mama-made shirt! hooray!