Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Eggs

Last year we didn't even attempt dyeing easter eggs with the girls. This year, we gave it a try, and although we ended up with a dress dyed blue, a few cracked eggs, and a bit of frustration, we're hoping that each year will lend us a few more minutes of attention span and even more fun with the egg process.

Here we are, trying to start off - Elena holds an egg, but doesn't know why:
Clara gets hungry/curious and starts peeling her egg - so we move toward impromptu snack instead:
Elena joins in - hard boiled egg snack for all:
Then, we get the colors ready and start some of the eggs in the dye:

Clara peeks in - what is that egg doing?

Then she sees her friend, Ckhai, coloring his eggs with white crayon, and she has to join in, too:
Very serious about this task, she is:
Meanwhile, Elena, frustrated with the whole egg process, went to play in the other room. Ckhai joined her, and soon they were hanging out like this - such a funny pose! Ckhai calls them "his girls" and he's very good to them.

We didn't get around to taking pictures of the actual finished eggs, but they are about what you would expect from one-year-olds. We'll try to get them in the Easter pictures next week!

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