Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birds of a feather

We're calling it - even though we're destined to get another Montana snowstorm before July, it's definitely spring here. We're starting to see warmer weather, the buds on the trees are trying to pop out, and the girls want to be outside all of the time.

Today we got to go to our friend's house for a Welcome Back Spring party. Christina sewed the girls some springtime dresses from fabric that she fell in love with, oddly, given that she hates birds overall. But the birds on these dresses are cute, and they don't fly, so that makes all the difference.

Here is a quietly beautiful Elena - and raggedy Soft Dog:

And here's Dad with the boldly beautiful Clara (here is a girl who can definitely pull off the color red!):

Here's one of Clara's newest tricks - risky! (as her cousins would say):

Elena sits calmly sipping her juice, as if to say she'd never do acrobatics on the furniture like her sister - but in truth, who started that trend? Yep, little Lena:

We were trying to get ready for the party, and at the same time Christina was trying to get some shots of the girls in their dresses - this was the best Elena wanted to do in posing:
Unless you want to do an extreme close-up - she loves those! She'll walk right in to the camera lens if you don't stop her.
Once at the party, the girls were wowed by cupcakes and mac & cheese and TONS of fun toys:

And, of course, good friends. Here is Charlie, whom the girls call Char-Char, who opened his house up to all of us tonight. Thanks, Charlie and fam!

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