Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 'O Fun

Wow, did we have some fun today. So much so that the girls fell fast asleep as soon as they hit their cribs tonight! We've been looking forward to today because so many fun things were happening in town, and it felt like the kick-off to summer. We hoped the girls would be in a good mood, and they were.

We woke up to waffle breakfast together, then met friends at the first Farmer's Market of the year. We hit the two markets in town, walking from one to the other, and the girls did wonderfully. We couldn't believe how much more they enjoyed it than last year. Clara liked the flowers and Elena kept pointing out scallions. They ate treats, rode in their wagon, and waved hi to lots of people and dogs. We came home for lunch and naps, then woke up and went to an anniversary party for our natural food store. That doesn't sound like much fun, but they had a lot going on. First up was a gymnastics course - of course our girls loved it!

Here you see evidence of Elena's super strong core strength. She'll hold on a bar and just lift herself straight up - there is no swinging involved, just straight lift. Strong!

Hula hoops are pretty fun, too:

Clara has fun on the bar, too, but much more when Steve tickles her on it:

The girls running the gym course also had other fun things to play with - Clara didn't care for this balancing thing, but Elena loved it and ran along it without help after this picture.
Next up, face painting!

The girls loved their designs (but you'll notice in later pictures that they didn't necessarily last that long!).

We worked our way over to the BBQ that the store hosted, and we found Nanny Rachel! We miss her so much now that she's not our all-the-time friend, although she does still come hang out with the girls sometimes. Clara was clearly thrilled to see her:

But Elena was a pure Daddy's girl (which has been happening a lot lately!).

Finally, we headed over to Brew Fest. It might sound strange to take girls to a beer festival, but it's just a bunch of local breweries who bring little samples out to the park, and there is live music and it's lots of fun. Especially if your mom gives you your first Oreo there:

And you get your Oreo on your nose:
Elena wanted a turn on the camera - this is her shot. Cute, huh? Clara's not quite sure why Elena gets the camera:

When it got a little loud, we headed home and the girls practiced their somersaults in the kitchen and ate strawberries with balsamic vinegar. Then, they helped Christina make a strawberry rhubarb pie and we had a cookout with friends. Perfect day! Thank goodness we are working our way towards summer...we love these community things outdoors.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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