Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day, the second

Christina was so grateful to spend her second year as a mother this Mother's Day, and Steve of course rang the day in with fanfare - lovely gifts, cards and food. This was one of many beautiful views Mother's Day morning:

But Christina wasn't the only mom in the house! Steve's parents, Nana Rose and G-Daddy, are in town visiting. We got to honor Nana Rose, too, and also to celebrate Nana Rose and G-Daddy's 13 year wedding anniversary. What a big day around here!

There were many lovely scenes today with the girls, but one that we really wanted to share was this sweet/funny exchange. Steve had been drinking fizzy fruit juice (Izzie juices - we love them!) and for the first time he let the girls have some. We expected some rivalry, and there was some, but there was also this:

Clara is hankering for some juice, while Elena has her eyes closed, blissed out to be having a treat in the sunshine. But does she keep it for herself? For a minute, yes. See dejected Clara:
Now, see "is this a trick?" Clara and an almost-generous looking Elena:

Not a trick! Elena here is fairly pouring the fruit juice down little Clara's throat, and she is loving every second of it:
But, in a stunning move, Clara doesn't keep the juice for herself, but offers it right back to her sister:

That was quite dear, we must say. After all the juice drinking, we were hyped up to go somewhere, so we headed off to Benson's, our favorite nursery. This is now a tradition, since we did it last year on Mother's Day, too.

Elena picks out a rosemary plant to start our herb garden this year:
And Clara gets a flox to add to our collection - this pink should look nice next to the purple we already have:

Nana Rose offers to hold the plant so Clara can keep looking around:
G-Daddy shows the girls another display, and start pointing out different flowers:
There's another pink flox!
Nana Rose uses this opportunity to teach the girls more about colors (they only seem to know pink and purple reliably):
Now blue seems to be a new favorite - they were so gentle with these flowers.
G-Daddy and Elena have gotten on amazingly this trip. Last visit (at Thanksgiving) Clara was hanging out with Nana a lot, and Elena was staying pretty firmly with Christina. This visit, she latched on to G-Daddy as soon as she saw him, and hasn't let him out of her sight if she can help it:
What a fun little trio. Perhaps one day the girls will work their way out of toddlerhood and both get in a picture with their grandparents at once!

This was just a lovely day. Thanks to all the mothers who have touched and shaped our lives. We are so lucky to know you all.


Blue Sky Colorado said...
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Blue Sky Colorado said...

Looks like you had a gorgeous day! The Izzie exchange is priceless. Did you know they're from Boulder?