Friday, May 22, 2009

Walking in a Water Daze...

A combination of the girls staying up a little later than usual, the sun staying up longer than usual, and the weather being warmer than usual led to us having such a fun time outside tonight. Steve was watering our pear tree, and the girls decided to join in:

He held them at bay for a little bit:
But then they discovered the fun of watering:

And there is more to water than just the pear tree:

Watering a sister is pretty fun! So is getting sprayed by Daddy:

They look wet, but kept yelling: "More, Daddy! Daddy, more!"

But all of that fun can make you pretty thirsty:

I just made my sister drink from the hose!

But wait, that looked pretty fun. Elena needs to try, too:

And then a swap back again:


Christina made the girls an impromptu water table - she snagged the idea from another mom of twins (the name escapes her at the moment!) but it's really easy - you just take a big rubbermaid tub, where you store all the water toys, and then you put a medium rubbermaid tub on top, nesting-style. That's where the water goes, all elevated yet shallow. And easy to pack up again, too.

They had such a fun time with it, making the little lizards swim, drink, and jump in buckets. They poured and poured water (Clara is especially good at that!) while saying "I pour, I pour!" and "Water, Daddy!"

They didn't stop at pouring water in the tub, though. Just like the hose, the most fun to be had is pouring water on your sister:

They had such a blast -we just love seeing them outside. And they are now sleeping downstairs, still as little rocks. We even had a sleep-in till 8:00 one day this week - amazing! We love summer!

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