Saturday, January 31, 2009

So This is Winter

So far this winter here at home, it has either been too frigid to take the girls to play outside, or it has been warm enough without any snow on the ground. Yesterday we lucked out with a day in the 40's that loosened up some of the icy snow, and the sunshine made it an inviting day to go outside. We suited the girls up (sidenote - they love wearing these snowsuits inside, too - it's quite the fascination they have!) and noticed that they have no winter boots. Guess we didn't think they'd be walking so much when we got ready for this winter, so we'll have to fix that.

Then, as we headed outside, the girls grabbed some of their beach toys, which we thought made great snow toys - we just wouldn't have thought of it ourselves!

Clara, who loves mittens, has to take these off to really get some scooping action:
Elena surveys her options (but her face is too pretty not to do a close-up on, so you don't get to see anything she's surveying here!):

Hmm...that beach crab doesn't seem too happy about all this snow:
Elena takes a pail to see if it will scoop the snow any better than the shovels:
Just look at Clara's expression here - she is so funny with all of her faces:

Christina, Clara, and Elena were building a snowman when who pulled into the driveway but Steve! The girls were thrilled to have Dad home, and he came over for an improptu lesson in snowman care - the patting move:
Clara readily took to patting the snowman (she'll pat just about anything) but it was more loving than a packing-down-pat. Elena wasn't having any of it.
Results of our little snow day:

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