Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in Arizona

After our family-filled but blustery time in New York, we were lucky enough to go back to Arizona for a little more time in the sun and a little more time with Steve's family.

Very sadly, we seem to have had some sort of downloading problem, and we've lost some pictures of opening presents with them and of the girls going to get a super-fancy haircut at a kid's hair salon. We're really bummed out that we don't get to share those memories with you in photos, but we still do treasure them.

We do have pictures of some other fun moments while we were in the sunshine, though. One day we took the girls to the park that Steve played in when he was young, and the girls had a great time playing with their dad there:

They look like a little mirror, don't they?

Then, we went across the street to feed the ducks:

Christina was on camera-duty and also on stomp-away-the-pigeons duty (they were trying to steal from the ducks!).

We also took the girls to the Arizona State University campus, where Christina and Steve met and where we both got our degrees.

There was a really hilarious and touching game the girls came up with while we were on campus. Elena would run down the sidewalk, and Christina would help Clara run "fast" so she could catch up. When she caught up, the girls would spontaneously hug and hug, and then they'd run again. It was beautiful to watch them at this:

Our good friend Brian took some pictures of us with Steve's family while we were in town. Even though the girls were absolutely, positively NOT in the mood for pictures, he still made the photo shoot work. Here are some of our favorites:

Clara and Uncle Scott (whom she called "Sott" and whom she adored - she followed him from room to room saying "Hi. Hi.")
This seems like a fast-forward into teenagehood for Elena - look at her slouching in the background! Clara is being the picture of toddler adorable-ness.
The whole crew (G-Daddy, Elena, Christina, Clara, Steve, Nana Rose, and Uncle Scott):
Clara taking a walk with G-Daddy and Nana Rose by the lake:

So there's a sampling of our fun in the sun!

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Jeff and Melissa said...

Are there a few pictures missing? We would love to see them!