Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food is Fun...

...and full of surprises. It comes in all colors and flavors and sizes." Yes, we read the "Food is Fun" book around here enough to have it committed to memory. But we aren't always having a lot of fun with food - in fact, sometimes, we wonder what on earth we are supposed to be feeding these children that is a) sufficiently nutritious, b) sufficiently diverse from day to day, and c) sufficiently enticing to the children.

So, over the weekend we caved and bought the "Deceptively Delicous" book by Jessica Seinfeld. The idea is that you "hide" veggies in food so kids don't mind eating them. Our girls don't mind eating vegetables at all, and so they don't really need to be hidden. But we are in desperate need of fun new recipes, and luckily that is included here, too.

The results of our new "fun" experimentation? Here's Elena:

She contemplates the spinach covered tofu blocks, gives them a taste...

And voila! Is that fun, or what? She loved these, and ate four of them for lunch.

Now, we'll check on Clara. She takes a bite of the tofu block...
Whoops! That doesn't look like fun!

Luckily, she was mostly joking.

This grin show how hilarious she though hamming it up for the camera was. In all honesty, she wasn't as wowed by the tofu blocks as Elena, and Elena in fact ended up eating most of Clara's. But Clara did eat spinach, rice, and squash for lunch anyway, so as we said, it's not as if she's lacking in nutrients.
Further evidence - see how morose this girl can look even drinking milk? And she loves milk!
You may notice in this food update several landmarks. One, the girls eat off of plates now, not just the tray! (We're getting so fancy around here). They are also able to use forks and spoons pretty well on their own (not that they needed them for the tofu blocks, but they are on the trays for the other foods, which they WERE used for).

The girls just grow more and more in terms of both skills and size every day, and we love watching them.

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