Monday, January 5, 2009

December 25th in New York

We've had so many Christmases that we can't just call this THE Christmas Day - but it was A wonderful Christmas Day, on the day many people celebrated. The girls woke up in their special new Christmas pjs, and joined their cousin, Calynn, in opening their stockings.

Although they seemed to enjoy many of the things we put in their stockings, the stockings themselves (especially Calynn's, which Clara snuggles below) were also fun to play with.

We all got dressed and then had brunch with Grandpa and Grandma Mary. This was their first time meeting the girls, and they all got along very well. Grandpa (Christina's dad) was silly with the girls, and Grandma Mary helped show them how everything worked.

After some much-needed naps, the girls woke up to find their Grandma (Christina's mom) had arrived! We had dinner and opened yet another round of gifts. We seem to have misplaced the camera during much of that time, although we have a great shot showing Clara's joy at her new pair of mittens (Christina's mom makes a new set for every grandchild every year - that's a lot of mittens!).

The girls aren't much for posing, so we didn't get a shot of them sitting together in their cute dresses (sent by Steve's grandmother, Nanny!) but there are lots of shots of them individually, being (we think) adorable:

In between visitors, we kept ourselves busy with our "host" family - how cute were they Christmas morning? This cute:

They put up with a lot from us, and from our other co-guest, Aunt Cyndie. We tried to pay them back with things like cookies:

Entertainment of the day consisted of:

Playing with the new toys

Playing "Going to Kentucky" with Auntie Lissa

Looking at the Christmas tree with Auntie Cyndie

Such a lovely Christmas. We hope yours was, too!

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