Sunday, January 4, 2009

Arrival at Nana and G-Daddy's

We are doing catch-up posts for the last couple of weeks, in which we've had a lot of fun and not much Internet time. The first stop on our Christmas visiting tour was to see Nana Rose and G-Daddy, Steve's parents. We got there and the girls were thrilled to see that their first present was a little table, just for them!

And just like that, we figured out that they are old enough to eat on their own - who knew?

We had lots of fun on this part of the visit, even though it was only a few days long. We played around the house, running and dancing. We had fun with the new adventurous side that the girls show, like this moment where Elena was convinced she'd like to eat an orange section, then found it utterly distasteful, then gave it a try again (over and over!).

We also went to the children's museum in Phoenix, and they have quite a bit more than we do at home. The girls had lots of fun exploring.

Clara resumed her customary children's museum ritual - carry two of the same thing with you wherever you go. At our museum, it's two blocks. Apparently in Phoenix it was two red balls.

Elena learned how to make a pretend pizza in a pretend wood fired oven (but doesn't this look real?):

And together, two sisters decided to brave the great noodle forest:

But mostly, they've had a great time relaxing.

On the gift front, the girls each got a big surprise from Nana Rose's friend, Nancy. She made each of the girls an absolutely gorgeous quilt, personalized just for them. These are the first moments the girls saw the quilts, and it was love at first sight. They've snuggled with them every night they've been in Arizona.

And though we had decided to wait to have Christmas until we returned two weeks later, Nana Rose and G-Daddy couldn't resist sharing a few presents with the girls early. After all, who could wait to see this face?

More Christmas with Nana Rose and G-Daddy to come!

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