Thursday, January 15, 2009

Three Arizona Adventures

Here's a sampling of a few of the things we did while in Arizona.

First up, a visit to the Rainforest Cafe - a fun place to eat that is filled with animatronic jungle animals who move and simulated rainstorms every few minutes. The girls loved it -we were proud of them for enjoying it despite the unexpected noise and movement, which seemed to scare some of the other kids we saw there.

Clara and Nana Rose by the aquarium, looking over to the gorilla show going on:
Both girls are doing so much better eating and drinking on their own than they were before we left for this trip. Here, Clara shows her prowess with a big girl cup and straw:
Elena and Christina share a laugh:
Steve and Clara up at the 'bar' - they loved the bubbles beneath the bar and the chairs with tails, but it was hard to get good pictures there with the neon.

A second, ongoing adventure was Nana Rose and G-Daddy's back yard. It is landscaped mostly with rock and safe plants, and the girls loved playing there. They scooped with shovels and buckets, and played in the hammock and with wind chimes.

They also loved the swing- Grammy Ellen helps Clara get in:

Then Elena takes a minute to cuddle with Grammy Ellen and her soft dog.

Grammy Ellen really won Clara's heart over when she brought out the technology. She showed her a cell phone, and as always, Clara was facinated:

Finally, in a stark contrast to their fun in the snow, the girls had a few adventures in Nana Rose and G-Daddy's pool. In January!! They are really quite skilled in the water for being so young. They blow bubbles in the water, kick their feet, and Elena even ducked her head under the water.

That concludes our catch-up on posting from our time away. We're all safely back home now,and we'll resume our regular sporadic posting schedule. :) Thanks to everyone who made our time away from home so full of love and memories.

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