Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oregon Vacation - Girls at the Ocean edition

Maybe we've built this up too much, but taking the girls to see the ocean was really one of the great highlights of our vacation this summer. We rented a yurt right off the beach, where you could still hear the waves and smell the salt air.

Almost as soon as we dropped our things off at the yurt, we headed to the beach. We thought that the girls might have a hard time with the tide splashing on them, but it turned out that they both loved it. They loved the sand, they loved the wind in their hair, and they loved having free reign and open space. It was so much fun to watch them.

Here's Clara's first beach experience. First, in the wave with Mom:

Walking down the beach with Dad:

Shooting a picture into the sun doesn't work out too well, but Clara was having such fun experimenting with sand and we just wanted to get this picture with the ocean in it:

The pictures come out a little better in this direction, though.

Sandy fingers:

And here's Elena's first time on the coast. First, making holes with Dad:

She did this pose over and over again - we think it is her sun salutation:

She might be looking pensive here:

But really she was just plotting...

...her great escape:

These moments made the trip entirely worth it.

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Laura said...

Love these, they are just so beautiful. Here is where I see a real difference in using an SLR camera. These are some of the best you have ever taken.