Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cabin Weekend

Our dear friends (two of whom are pictured below) invited us up to their cabin for the weekend with several of our best friends in the world, and we had a simply wonderful time.

So wonderful, in fact that we had a hard time stopping to take pictures. We'll post more if any of our friends send along some good ones of the girls, but most of our picture-taking time happened while the girls were asleep.

What pictures we did get are mostly of Clara. She is so social that she spent time with most of our friends getting cuddles and playing new games. Here, she was showing off her skills at squatting down and getting up:

She also spent some fun time with her dad - he dressed her up here to show her how we play near water safely (but it was just for fun - she was never down at the water to need the life jacket):

She also learned from Dad how to play horseshoes:

So why is this the best picture we got of Elena on our camera this weekend?

Two reasons:
1. She is still pretty attached to Mom these days, and Mom is usually the one wielding the camera.
2. She is on the GO - this girl walks! We were proud that by her birthday she had taken up to six steps on her own, but that is blown away by her walking this weekend. She really took off at the cabin, walking across rooms, stooping down to pick things up without falling, turning and walking in a new direction. She was incredible, unstoppable. And, apparently, almost un-photographable.

We had such a wonderful time living up one of the last summer weekend with our friends and watching our children be enveloped in the family we've developed here. We feel so lucky to be able to give Clara and Elena these people to love them.

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