Saturday, September 20, 2008


It was homecoming weekend in our college town this weekend, and we couldn't help making comparisons to last year. Elena and Clara were not even one month old (and since they were a month early, they shouldn't have even been in the world yet!) and we took them out on their first outing to see the parade, all bundled up. This was us then:

And this is us now:

We've said it before, but we could say it all the time - what a difference a year makes!

Before we headed to the parade this year, we stopped at the Farmer's Market and got the girls their customary apples.

Clara is sure happy with hers:

But Elena isn't sure her Dad hasn't gotten a better apple:

Then, it was on to the parade! Both girls loved to watch the bands go by (there are at least half a dozen bands at various times throughout the parade) and had fun watching kids who were walking by or on floats.

Here, Clara is excited by the jump-rope team coming by:

And Elena is tracking yet another band:

Finally, we were all pretty excited to see the float for our favorite radio program - the Pea Green Boat, with Annie! Annie is the sailor here - she is great and we listen to her show every Saturday morning, and many weekday afternoons as well.

Hooray for parades! And hooray for having girls who could really enjoy this one.

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