Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Playground Fun

We had a great time the other day at a local playground/carousel. With the new mobility/independence Clara and Elena have found, we find they are more able to enjoy some attractions that were limiting to them before.

Here, although a whole playground awaits them, we see the joy of sticks:

Don't worry that sticks were the only attraction, though. The slide was plenty fun, too:

Elena, happy as can be. She knows how to move her bottom to get down the slide on her own! Scary for us as parents, fantastic for her.

We took a trip around the carousel (although we can't wait until the girls are happy waving on their own from their horses - it's not good for the motion-sick Christina to go round and round so much!).

Clara, pretending she's riding the horse all on her own:

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Laura said...

Are you still working on this one? Because otherwise there are a lot of pictures missing here. Also, I love how Clara studiously ignores the GIANT FISH HEAD. Good glory, don't look it in the eyes girl! Also, how adorable are Elena's straight up pigtails? VERY.