Friday, September 26, 2008

Pre-, During, and Post- First Haircut

We've been thinking for a little bit that the girls needed a trim. Just a little cut of the bangs, nothing major. We even considered taking them to a fun kid's salon while we were in Portland this summer. We just kept thinking maybe we were premature, maybe it wasn't really time yet. In a way, maybe it's hard to realize they're not quite babies any more and they're becoming big girls.

Still, it had become undeniable that their hair was getting in their eyes, so they went with Steve this week to his salon appointment to get a trim.

Here are some shots of the girls Christina took pre-appointment time:

Believe it or not, Clara is ecstatic in that last picture - it's a look that borders on mania, though, isn't it? Anyway - the hair doesn't look too bad here because we did the sweep-the-bangs-to-the-side move, but it doesn't stay that way during the day.

So, we'll give you two guesses on who loved getting her hair cut and who hated it.

Yep, here's Clara, in her element, with a new person paying attention to her and a fun spot on Dad's lap. Here, you can see she really needed the cut!

She sat so still while her bangs were trimmed, and smiled almost the whole time.

Here's the little beauty, being admired post-cut:

Here's the only shot of Elena for her first hair-cut sans tears. She is clearly wary, but while the cape was being put on her she was willing to see what this was all about.

As the cut moved forward, though, she got pretty upset. She didn't like someone new touching her and she didn't like having to sit still in a new place.

Given Elena's distaste for the whole hair-cutting event, we got her out of there as soon as she was done, so we didn't get any good after pictures that day. Today, though, we took some pictures at the park so you can see clear eyes in both girls, unobscured by bangs. (You may, however, notice that Clara got quite a bit more cut than Elena, who really only got the very front of her bangs trimmed).

What do you see, sister?
Oooh, sand!Check out this pretty grass I picked!

This sand is pretty cool.

But it's everywhere!

A lovely Elena profile against the sun:

And finally, some fun on the swings (and probably the best shots of the bangs!)

And, just for a flashback moment - here is the very first picture we have of the girls on these swings:


Laura said...

Super cute. I love that they still fit into the "twin" swings ;) Did you see my girl Kate is catching up with her cousin Clara? How far apart are they now?

Got Boys? said...

Oh my how cute! Their personalities are really coming out aren't they! I love them both!