Monday, August 25, 2008

Oregon Vacation - We Love Ice Cream edition

So we held out on you all a little bit. Not only are there more fun vacation pictures to share, but one of our favorite moments yet with the girls was not when they had their first cupcake, but the moment on the trip where we decided to share ice cream with them for the first time. We'd planned to wait until after they turned one, but in Hood River there is a classically wonderful ice cream stand:

And after a few days passing it, we couldn't turn the opportunity down any longer. We started with Clara first. She takes a lick/bite off of Steve's strawberry cone:

Wait, what is that?

This is apparently NOT what she thought ice cream would be:

Luckily, things got a bit more enjoyable for her (especially after we switched her to Christina's chocolate cone) and we had one delighted girl on our hands.

Next up, Elena took a crack at this ice-cream-eating thing:

Oh, again, not quite what she expected, even after having watched her sister:

And yet, wait - you need more?

Ah, now some of the ice cream love starts to show:

And show:


The ice cream shop is tiny, and people overheard us talking to the girls about their first ice cream. We had a little crowd gathered outside to witness the event, and everyone was delighted by the show. Really, how often do you get to see people experience such fun firsts? We felt lucky to be in on it ourselves.

There were some little adirondack chairs at the ice cream shop that were just the right size for nearly one year old girls - they had such fun soaking up some rays. Here are some parting shots of that time to hold you over until we put up pictures of one of the remaining exciting adventures we're holding out on - the first time at the ocean!

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