Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good Time at The Fair, Lousy Pictures

The fair is in town! Our first family trip was great; sadly we don't have the pictures to really convey that. Blame it on lots of fun distractions and two wiggly girls, but we have only a handful of images to share here.

Today marked the girls' biggest sugar intake ever, in the form of fry bread (fried dough, for those of you on the East coast). They LOVED it, of course.

Clara says - hey, I need some more!

Elena says - hmmm, I could go for some more.

The 4-H tent with the animals in competition was not a huge hit for the girls. The pigs were bigger and louder than the ones they see at the farm. The cows moo with much more enthusiasm than Steve or Christina do when reading, and the chickens, ducks, and llamas were exceptionally uninterested in showing off for us.

Still, the petting zoo definitely interested Elena and Clara. Here, Clara tries to visit with a sweet rabbit who this girl (a stranger to us) wouldn't let go of:

Elena wasn't absolutely sure about the goat here, but a few minutes later she reached right out and pet his nose:

Back on the home front, Elena continues to help us in our efforts towards child-proofing the home. Mouthing the outlet covers primes them - didn't you know?

Oops - a little too much help.

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