Sunday, August 3, 2008

Adventures at Home

Guess who can make it up the stairs on her own now? Clara!

It seems a little tricky for her still (her legs are so short!) but she is making some good progress and is taking right off after Elena when she makes her big break for the stairs.

The girls are starting to get up to all kinds of mischief. We finally got the right gate for the stairs, just in the nick of time. They move so fast now (especially Elena) that they used to have to stay only in their play yard when we were in the living room, so they stayed contained. With the new gate, looking out over the stairs has become a prime activity, but at least they are safe doing it.

There are some things we never thought to babyproof - like a solid cement statute. Who would have thought Elena could move that?

Clara is a bigger fan of the shiny things. She's taken a real like to CDs.

She isn't quite as interested as Elena in trying to figure out the stereo, though. :)

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