Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Visit

This week, we are lucky enough to have Ashley, the girls' birth mother, and her family in town for a visit. We are having a great time, and Elena and Clara are just so lucky to have so much love surrounding them.

Here's Ashley, Christina, Clara, and Elena - Ashley is teaching the girls the fashion of sunglasses.

Ashley's son, Gabe, helped feed Elena some carrots for dinner.

Ashley's mom, Grandma Leann, gets down and plays with the girls all the time. They have such a blast with her.

They're really enjoying Gabe, too, although we're not sure what they think about one more person in competition for the toys! Ashley's husband, Josh, is here too - we have to get him in a picture soon.

We had a BBQ in honor of our out of town guests this weekend, and Clara and Elena had their first watermelon! It was a smash hit with Elena; Clara is still warming to it.

Here's Clara's first experience:

And Elena's (I love how you can see the watermelon juice dripping down her arm!)

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