Thursday, September 13, 2007

Three Week Excitement

Today is the third full week that Elena and Clara have been in the world - the best three weeks the world has ever seen, we think.

Today, especially, was an exciting day. We took the girls to get a well-check-up at the pediatrician's office. Both girls got weighed, and LOOK at the results!!!

In case you can't tell, this is Clara and the reading is SIX POUNDS, FOUR AND A HALF OUNCES! How big is that?

And for all of the people who were sure Elena was a little fighter, look how she came back from being the little one to become the BIG sister at SIX POUNDS FIVE AND A HALF OUNCES!

Next, the girls each got an evaluation of their hearts and lungs. Clara seems to enjoy her exam, pausing to stare back at Christina in wonder and confusion at this new person touching her.

When it was Elena's turn to get checked on, the doctor thought she heard a slightly irregular sound in her heart. Very luckily for us, the pediatric cardiologist from Seattle was right down the hall visiting, and he came in to take a listen. They decided that even though it was a very slight sound, since Elena was a preemie they'd do an EKG (ultrasound) of her heart to check out what was going on.

Elena got set right up with what the nurse called "dessert and a movie" (sugar water on her pacifier and a Baby Einstein video). We hadn't wanted the girls to see tv (given the recommendations out now for no tv for kids under two years old) and so Elena obligingly slept through the whole thing and didn't take Baby Einstein in.

After a really thorough examination, it turns out that Elena's heart murmur is due to an extremely slight narrowing of her left pulmonary artery. It's common, and usually corrects itself within a few months. The doctors said it was nothing at all to worry about - what a relief!

Steve and Clara watched the action as Elena's heart beat on the screen and the doctor pointed out the interesting processes of the heart. We were all glad to walk out of the office to the good news.

Finally, we leave you with a funny picture of two three-week old girls. Elena was lounging in the Boppy pillow (thanks, Jessamy!) having a great time, and then Christina thought it would be nice for Clara to join in the fun. In this picture, it looks like Clara is having a fine time and Elena is a little down. Don't be fooled, though. Seconds after this shot, Elena lifted her head up and began gnawing on the back of her sister's head. Turns out that she was just pondering what to do with a sister in such close proximity!

In one other bit of news, we are very relieved to report that this week we got word that the girls' birth father has joined their birth mother in supporting this adoption. We love that the girls have these wonderful people who love them and want them to have a good life. We want them to have a great life, too, and are so honored to be their parents!

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Blue Sky Colorado said...

Sailing on to one month! Good news and you can see them looking just a little more pudgy every day. All that good loving.