Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Two Weeks

Elena and Clara are now two weeks old, and it's amazing how much they've grown already. Not only are they bigger, but they have gone through other changes, too. Yesterday Elena's umbilical cord fell off, and Clara cried her first real tears. They both have some neck control now, and can roll onto their sides - it's all happening so quickly.

If you can believe it, this is Elena on the left and Clara on the right - although Elena started out behind in terms of weight, it seems like she's catching up. They seem to be right around the same size now, although we don't know for sure. The pediatrician's appointment got mis-scheduled, so we're going in next week to get the girls weighed and measured.

Both girls are getting more interested in the bouncy chairs. Although they still prefer our arms, for those times when we have to put them down these are turning out to be entertaining spots. Here is Elena, tired out from having watched these different characters light up for the past few minutes.

And here is Clara - I just had to get her expression, even though you can't see what she's looking at. It's a series of lights that are circles and stars around the top of the bouncy seat - she seems to like the lights much more than the sounds.

Finally, the girls had their first out-of-town visitor over Labor Day weekend - their Nana Rose. She gave the girls lots of love (even at their 3:30 am feeding!) and they were so sorry to see her go.

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