Monday, September 17, 2007

Girls on the Go

Here are our girls snuggled into their carseats (these two pictures are actually from last week, so they look kind of tiny!). When we left the hospital they had blankets and cloth diapers and towels tucked in everywhere around them to keep them safe in those carseats. Now they are each down to one blanket on either side of them. They still look small, but we've actually had to adjust the shoulder harness straps out, so they are fitting in these seats better and better. It definitely makes us feel better about taking them in the car!

This weekend, we had a work party where we all shared food and fun times. Christina has made lots of things for the girls, but they are all too big for them to wear yet. So yesterday she took a little time and sewed them some simple skirts so that they could go to the party in style. Elena posed so beautifully in her skirt, but Clara was a little to eager to be on the go to get a good shot.

Finally, we have a picture of the girls in their pop-up gym (Thanks Diana, Greg, and Hannah!). They absolutely LOVE being here, and right now they spend all of their time staring at the different colors and patterns. Soon, we hope they'll have more fun doing tummy time and batting at the things dangling overhead.

These are our girls on the move - it's hard to believe they are growing up so quickly!

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Em, Jared, Cor and Soph said...

We are so happy and excited for you guys. It is so wonderful that you have this page to share your family with us. Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic day to keep us all updated. We love the four of you.