Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One and a half weeks

The girls just hit one and a half weeks old, and we're holding steady until our two-week pediatrician appointment this Thursday, when we see how much they have gained. We expect they both will have increased - don't they already look like they're starting to find their chub?

Here's one devoted Dad. Steve makes sure that the girls get lots of learning time and stretching time. Here he is watching over them after they just both had some tummy time to strengthen their neck muscles.

Here's a shot of the girls' favorite thing since the "skylight" in their hospital room. Our friends Steve and Caryn loaned us this book, which has all contrast pictures on one side. The girls love looking at it. Here, Clara contemplates the baby in the mirror.

Both of the girls just love to stare at these pictures. It helps make tummy time a little more enjoyable for Clara, who isn't as fond of being on her belly as Elena is. Their clothes look all baggy here because we were trying to keep them warm while still letting them air out a little bit!

Both girls are also discovering the joy of the vibrating chair - but only Elena has given us such a smile about it!

This week we're finally venturing out into the world a little bit. We took the girls out in the yard for a little air, and a little photo op. We are so thrilled and grateful to be our little foursome!


Blue Sky Colorado said...

So nice to see you all enjoying the sun and fun to see just how tiny the girls are when they're nestled into your arms!

M.C. said...

LOVE the family photo :) And I agree--in the photos of the girls by themselves, they don't seem nearly as tiny as when you're holding them in your arms!

M.C. said...

Oh, and I just have to say that I read about your chairs on your other blog. (And I remember that first chair and what a big deal it was!) You were talking about how one day you would sit in the new chair holding your child . . . how fortuitous that you bought two chairs!

JLH said...

That picture of Elena in the vibrating chair is the sweetest picture in the world!