Saturday, September 1, 2007

Girl Power

We had to share some sweet pictures today that really help show what this adoption and new family are all about. The first picture is of our sweet girls, being sisters. In Christina's family, we often say "Share, sister - share!" which could mean sharing anything from the last cookie to giving your sister a purse or necklace of yours she admires. These girls are already following that fine tradition, when Clara found out how to suck her own fingers, and Elena decided that Clara ought to share those fingers so she could get a suck, too.

Share, sister - share!

The next picture is of some of the remarkable women from Clara and Elena's birth family. We took a picture in the hospital of Ashley, her mom, her grandmother, and both girls.

And, lest you think that only the women are on display here, here is Ashley's husband, Josh, and their son, Gabe, on one of their many trips to visit the girls. This one was shortly after the girls were born, in the nursery.


Jean said...

The girls look wonderful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

God Bless
With all our love
Jean,Michael,Anna and Emma

Kerrie said...

Elena and Clara are positively beautiful. Thanks for keeping the pictures and updates coming. I feel like I know them already.

The pictures of them sleeping face to face remind me of sharing a hotel room with you and Steve and seeing you two sleeping the same way. :)

Much, much love!

Virginia said...

What precious girls and what a wonderful gift from the birth family! You have scored a grand slam, a hole in one (or two), won the lottery, etc. I know you have busy times ahead but you are coping with parenthood far better than I ever did!

Love, from Kerrie's Mom

Aunt Dawn said...

Thank you for posting the beautiful pics of the girls...may they bring joy and happiness to your family!