Friday, September 21, 2007

Sleep, play, read, repeat

Okay, so their routine is a little more varied than this (there is a lot of eating, too!) but the girls have started getting into a bit more of a routine. There is still a lot of sleep going on around here, although not in big chunks that let Christina or Steve get a good sleep!

Here's Clara sweetly sleeping...

And Elena sweetly sleeping...

The girls are just getting a lot of fun out of playing in their gym. Playing mostly means staring at the colors, although this week it also meant staring at each other. At one point, the girls held hands (accidentally, but it was still cute). They are really starting to get a little bit more interested in one another.

The girls are always interested when Steve starts on a nightly story. They look at him, the book, the light, each other, whatever - they just like his voice and some time to lay out on our bed.

We know the time will come when the routine gets more complicated than this - but this week we are enjoying the simplicity of a routine we are all starting to understand.

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Laura said...

Okay, that last picture is just so so sweet -- I love that you can see how much those three are enjoying each other and I can just imagine the smile on your face as you were taking the picture!