Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A very merry unbirthday!

Because our girls have summer birthdays, they weren't going to get a chance to celebrate with their friends on their real birthday.  So Christina approached the teachers at school about celebrating their "Unbirthday" (ala Alice in Wonderland) and offered to throw a party for all the summer birthday kids.  It turned out to be six in their class, and two in the afternoon class, and we had fun planning a celebration for them all.

Today was the day, and when we went to school for the party the girls had crowns they had made for their unbirthday:
It took a lot of stapling and taping to get Elena's just right, but she was happy with it in the end (even if she doesn't look it here, mid adjustments).
The kids gathered at circle time and we showed them on a calendar when all the kids' birthdays are, and how big the year is, and how many unbirthdays there are!

Then we sang a version of the merry unbirthday song, with some alterations so all the kids names were included.
And then it was time for the unbirthday tea party!  We made iced tea with some white grape juice added in, and poured it for all the kids from pretty teapots (Grandma Mary, do you see the teapot you gave Christina there in the lower left of the picture?).
All the parents brought in mini things there kids had picked to share for their unbirthday.  Clara brought in mini jello jigglers, and Elena brought in mini strawberry tarts.
Delicious!  The girls' first school birthday party was a success.

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Cassie@You Go Girl said...

Oh my gosh! Another small world thing...I used to teach at the Education LAB School. I also worked with Karen at the Rural Institute before she was the LAB school teacher. Isn't she a gem? And one more thing...The triplets and their two older sisters are LAB school alumni. Don't you just love that place?

A very merry unbirthday to Clara and Elena. They are soooo cute.

Take care,
Cassie @ yougogirl.typepad.com