Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rainy Sunday

We had so many plans for our Sunday!  Of course, we were assuming we were having a summertime Sunday, and that was our mistake.  It was cold, it was rainy, and it was kind of a downer.  When there was a break in the rain we ran out, hoping to hike Mount Jumbo to see some wildflowers.  We stopped for a minute to pose by the lilacs we've waited so long to see bloom.
We were remarking about how little the girls still look in Steve's arms...

...until we compared this picture with the one we took three years ago!  I guess they've gotten bigger after all!

Sadly, the non-rain window ended right after we snapped those pictures, and so we abandoned all hopes of hiking and headed downtown instead.  We went to Butterfly Herbs coffeeshop and got mini hot chocolates for the girls.

And a big one for Steve!
 It was a very cozy treat, and Christina was enjoying snapping pictures.

That is, she was enjoying it until both Clara and Elena decided they were "too busy!!" having hot chocolate to have their pictures taken.  Mind you, Christina wasn't asking them to smile or do anything, but apparently it was too taxing to even passively have their pictures taken.  It's the first time they had ever really asked us to stop taking pictures - and though Christina obliged right away, it was a little bit of a sad flash of times to come.

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