Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Haircuts and an afternoon at the park

Steve has been angling for the girls to have their hair cut shorter for months now, but Christina has held out that she loves their hair long.   Neither girl appeared to have an opinion on the matter.  But yesterday, Elena told Christina she wanted her hair cut short like Daddy's.  Although there was no way Christina was letting it get that short, we do feel the girls should get to make decisions about themselves when they can, especially their appearance, so we went to the hairdressers.
All the way through Elena's haircut Clara was undecided as to what she wanted to do with her hair.  She kept saying she had to think about it.  Christina unabashedly put in one more plea that she loved Clara's long hair, but upon seeing Elena's finished bob, she said she needed her hair to be the same as her sister's, because she loves her so much.
We did get one extra inch in on Clara's hair, but it turns out we like their hair just as much as they do - the somehow look like such big girls now!  They told everyone at school today that they look just like their Dad.  Okay, then! 

Today we finally got a day without snow, so we went to the park.  At first the girls took their animals in the 'baby swings.'  They pushed them:
And swung with them (like they used to do with one another when they were little enough to both fit in one swing!!!).
Then we moved on to the new excitement at the park - the big pole.  They never went anywhere near this in previous years, but it shows how much they've grown over the winter that they went right to it and swung out onto the pole and slid down beautifully!  Such coordination.

We are truly amazed by all they are capable of these days - they get bigger and older by the second!

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