Saturday, May 28, 2011


 An early birthday present arrived for the girls this week - SWINGS!  Christina had asked her father if he might one day make the girls some swings, like the ones she remembers he made when she was young.  Well, he went above and beyond the swings of her childhood - we will cherish these always.  And the girls LOVE them!

 We put Clara's down a bit low, for her tiny little legs, but we can see that she isn't going to need it that low for long - she got really good at hopping up!
 She was so proud of herself - and utterly unwilling to share her swing.  When she had to go inside to the bathroom, even when only Elena was in the yard and on her own swing, she'd go to Christina and ask very seriously: "Can you keep my swing for me?  You get the rope and you don't let go, okay?"
 We started Elena's swing off a bit higher, and as we expected she had no problem whatsover getting on it.  She would hold the rope, run ahead, and then leap up and sweep her legs around the rope.  It was amazing to see.


She moved on shortly after this to doing her running leap technique and landing with both feet on the seat, so that she was standing on the swing! 
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Grandpa!  You have made two girls very happy, and have made our yard look complete!

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Got Boys? said...

So sweet! And, I LOVE the CY autograph on your photos :)