Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pumpkin Party 2008

We hold a pumpkin-carving party every year, and last year the girls spent most of the party carried around and sleeping. They were only two months old - we couldn't expect too much!

This year they were MUCH more active, although we're pretty sure it's going to be another year or so before they really get into the actual carving. This year, they were participants in the pumpkin painting instead.

Here the girls are, getting set up with some paints:

Once we got the paints all ready, Clara was incredibly excited to paint her pumpkin:

She did such a great job, she was even helping her friend Charlie.

Elena, meanwhile, decided that painting wasn't really her medium. Poking at things appeared to be her medium. Here she's poking at the top of a pumpkin her friend Sophie was carving:

Then she poked at the tree for awhile (yes, that's half a set of salad tongs - we pulled out all available kitchen utensils for this party!).

The salad tongs really caught on - her is Clara acting fierce with her new toy, and Steve joining in:
Finally, Elena decides to check out how the painting went:

This is the girls' friend, Maeve - she sweetly painted Elena's pumpkin for her, so now each girl has a painted pumpkin they can play with until Halloween.

We can't wait to see what these girls are up to next year!


cyndie said...

oh man, how fun! i can't wait to hang out with these girls in only 3 short weeks!

Got Boys? said...

So much fun! What a difference in the girls from last year! Sorry we missed it and in the future I will make sure it gets on the calendar even if I have to write it on my forehead first!