Friday, October 31, 2008

Are You Ready For This? Halloween Cuteness

Last years the girls were not nearly up to getting into costumes and going out with others on Halloween. What a change to see them this year. We still can only imagine how much more fun this is going to get, but we had a WONDERFUL time with the girls this Halloween evening.

We started off at our house, trying out the costumes in our front yard. Elena dressed as a ladybug (or Leni Bug, as we kept calling her) and she took to the costume really well:

Clara took a little longer to feel comfortable with her costume. We had planned that she would be a bunny, and she was the CUTEST bunny ever:

Sadly, she really seemed to dislike the little carrot that was supposed to look like a bowtie, and that was what held the costume together on her.

We figured we'd work it out later, and headed over to our friends' house where they were holding a wonderful party for very little people. It started early (at 4:30), it involved homemade mac and cheese and pizza (which the girls adored) and then led to early-early trick-or-treating.

We were talking there about how Clara just couldn't seem to get over the carrot bowtie, and our friend Caryn said that she had some extra costumes around that our friend M. had made, and that she was storing at her house. Sure enough, a costume that her son had worn at 6 months fit Clara perfectly, and she became Clara the Cow! (Thanks, Caryn and M.!)

The kids had fun for awhile running around the living room in their costumes, and then it was on to the outside!

The cow needed a little roll in the leaves before she went off to seek her treats:

But then we were off. Elena was a superstar walker and went really quite far. We ended up walking into the university area and back, which is at least eight blocks. That's a lot of walking on little legs!

Clara rode in the wagon almost the whole time, but she had more fun than it looks like here - she's actually eyeing her friend Owen's candy bag here with feigned disinterest.

Soon, they just decided to dive in!

Here is our intrepid little crew - a cow in a wagon, a doctor, a lion, Super Y, and a ladybug. Fun times!

The girls stayed up over an hour later than usual doing their trick-or-treating, and they held up beautifully until we were almost back to the car. Then, they were SO ready to be done, and got right in bed as soon as we got home. Right now, they are absolutely zonked out.

We'll leave you with a picture of each girl happily munching chocolate - what better way to end the day?

Happy Halloween!


Em, Jared, Cor and Soph said...

Happy Halloween! It looks like they had so much fun!

Jeff and Melissa said...

Such great costumes and such cute girls. Less than 2 months until we all get together. We are so excited to see you all and we will have so much more holiday fun.
Jeff and Melissa