Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dance Party

Aunt Cyndie sent a CD for the girls birthday, Catch the Moon, which they love. It came with a DVD that had music videos for two of the songs. Since the girls don't watch TV, putting this on is always an exciting event. We have dance parties pretty often.

You don't get a good sense of the dancing here (we didn't take video) but you do see the rapt attention on the TV and if you were in the room you would have seen lots of bopping around.

Here, Steve illustrates a dance move for Elena, who is being a little too silly to practice any dance moves at that moment.

Although both girls like to play with dolls and play with most of the ones we have, Clara shows a special love for cradling and patting the little baby dolls that Auntie Jeannie and family sent out. Sadly, we didn't get a good picture of that today - we'll have to try later. Elena shows a special affection for the Raggedy Ann dolls Christina made for the girls' birthday. In our house, she's called "Aggedy," and Elena brought her into the dance party today.

And, since we promised this picture months ago and since you don't get a really good look at Aggedy as Elena carts her around, here's a shot of both dolls Christina made (the dolls will get aprons for Christmas - it just didn't happen at birthday time!).

Dance on, everyone!
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Blue Sky Colorado said...

The dolls turned out beautifully, Christina, and oh their luxuriant locks! The hours of hair creation!!