Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Muffins in the Park

Our favorite coffeeshop in town sells pumpkin muffins in October and November, and Christina was thrilled today that the girls had arrived at an age when they could see some of the fun in ordering a special food and enjoying it together. We took the muffin to the park and dove in:

Muffins weren't the only fun to be had a the park, though. Elena made a new friend in some dogs that were out on a walk. We worked on how to make friends with a dog by talking to the owner first, and sticking out your hand very gently. Elena was so sad when the dog walked away after a little petting:
Hey, where are you going?

Clara also attempted to make some new friends, although she was less successful. It looks like she is showing off this pretty leaf to Christina:

But really, that's the only shot where she turned around. Instead, Clara spent the rest of her time waving the leaf at three boys playing just out of sight in this picture. They didn't find it nearly as entertaining as Christina did.

Finally, here's another shot to show a developmental change. Elena has moved from running and walking to the thrill of climbing. Here, she's trying to get into the wagon. Earlier today she tried to climb a bookshelf, a chair, her crib, and a futon. Oh, and at the park she succeeded in climbing five wide steps to get to the top of a slide, all by herself. She was so proud.

No picture for this, but Clara played in the sand WITHOUT EATING ANY!!! It was a great day at the park for both girls.

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