Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Bonanza

Today we went to Benson's, our favorite local farm. They have apple orchards and pumpkin patches and corn fields and yet they are right in the middle of town. Last year, the girls had no clue what we were doing with pumpkins. I don't think they get the idea that we're going to carve them up, but this year they can at least SEE as far as the pumpkins, and had lots of fun helping us pick some out.

Elena started first. She decided she could lift her favorite pumpkin she saw:

It turned out to be a little too tricky, so she turned her attention to some smaller pumpkins and carted them all across this pumpkin-picking area.

Our friend Kerrie mentioned something last week about how Clara's smile is easy to get an idea of from the website, but Elena's stunning smile isn't as easy to see from our pictures here. For anyone else who feels that way, here is a three-part series of an Elena smile while she was helping "move" all the pumpkins:

Clara was absolutely giddy about the pumpkins - it was hysterical. Although she didn't move around nearly as much (she's not a walker yet, just a stander) she caught the attention of everyone else at the pumpkin farm with her cries of absolute glee.

Seriously, have you ever seen someone more excited about pumpkins? She did her part picking pumpkins out, too:

She was pretty into the surroundings, too. She was a fan of a mum that Steve gave her, as well as the straw that feels just like the straw in her touch-and-feel book she got from her Grandma for her birthday.

Always vigilant to protect her sister, Clara made sure that Elena was aware a strange looking man in a red shirt was staring at them oddly. Guess we forgot to warn them about scarecrows:

After we picked out two little pumpkins for the girls to carry around, and one for us to carve as a family, we each picked out an apple and munched happily on them all the way home. It was such a fun afternoon - we can't wait until we carve the big pumpkin in a few weeks!

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Blue Sky Colorado said...

I want this life; those clever girls already know it beats the work day and are making the most of it!