Friday, March 7, 2008

No Theme, Just Pictures

We've been having a tough time around here overall. Both girls caught a version of the cold called RSV, which we have to keep a close eye on. There was some worry of Elena having pneumonia, but thankfully she didn't. Steve and Christina both caught a sore throat and coughs from the girls, so we haven't been up to a lot around here. But, the girls have still been adorable, so here are some shots:

Elena in pj's (when they feel sick, why torture them with real clothes?):

While Elena was taking a nap, Christina tried to teach Clara how to bang on a pot. Clara thought looking at Amore was more fun:
Although, on closer inspection the pot WAS kind of interesting:
Christina had knit some baby clothes before the girls arrived, and just re-earthed them. They are almost too small already! Here's Clara in some hand-knits:
Elena in her hand-knit kimono sweater:

And one shot of both together - aren't they just too cute for words, even when they aren't feeling well?

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