Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In Which We Sit Upright

Both girls are making strides toward sitting up on their own. Elena is a bit ahead of Clara on this front, but both of them are only hampered by their great desire to stand. They can balance sitting on their own (especially if they tripod by putting their hands down in front of them) but after a few seconds they think, "Hey, wouldn't it be even cooler to stand up?" and they arch their backs and try to figure out how to get us to hold them up again.

A twin mom friend of ours passed on their Bumbo seats to us to borrow, and that has lead to a little increased sitting in the house. Don't worry, we will never, never put the Bumbo seats up on a table or counter, only on the floor (thanks for all the warnings from everyone). It's so fun to see the girls upright and getting able to see their world from that position!

Here's Elena, surveying her territory while chomping on some teethers (her shirt says "Smart as a Fox" and we had to get it for the girls to share because they both ARE just so smart as foxes):

While Clara is not technically in the Bumbo here, but is instead in the Exersaucer, we had to include this because A) she's just as cute as can be, B) she's upright, and C) We had to show everyone the sweet look she gets on her face whenever she sees one of the dogs across the room. She's just trying to sweet-look them into coming over to visit her!

The girls had fun in their Bumbos side by side (although here they were captivated by a bird outside the window):

BUT, that was nothing compared to the fun of playing footsie when they faced each other. It's wonderful to see how these girls light up when they see eachother, and how they are starting to make each other so happy.

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