Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What We've Been Up To

The girls are enjoying stories and songs more than ever. Their favorite songs are the "ABC" song and "Patty Cake" but they also love the Garden State soundtrack and listening to their French, Chinese, and Italian cds. So far, we haven't seen strong book preferences, but they really like looking at the pictures of most books if they are in a reading mood.

Clara and Elena have been looking ultra-cute lately. They stare at us (like the two pictures below) and then burst into giggles (it's hard to catch the second part on the camera - they laugh too much!

Up until Friday, we were still working on solid foods (both were okay with rice cereal, both loved bananas, and with avocados Clara liked them and Elena hated them!). However, after talking to the birth family and our doctor, we're starting to think that they have reflux, and that this is part of the reason they might be having a hard time sleeping. So, for now we are trying some medication and laying off the solid food to see if that makes any difference.

They've gotten awfully good with their bottles, though. They love to "help" us hold them. Most of the time, this gets a little in the way, but yesterday they started holding their own bottles for the first time!! They don't usually lie like this to eat, so they don't get this opportunity often, but we had to catch it for you in a photo.

And finally, here is Saint Elena. Doesn't she just look so benevolent here?

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