Saturday, March 29, 2008


A new weekend, and another fun food to try. We've been trying to work the girls up to the "rake" motion with eating, and decided itsy bitsy squares of tofu might be a good way to start. Elena liked the tofu okay (although not nearly as much as carrots or Mango Madness) but couldn't get any into her mouth by herself.

Clara, on the other hand, keeps up her ban on all things non-formula. She got the hang of picking up the tofu (can you see the piece near her hand dropping back to the tray?) but didn't want them anywhere near her mouth, even with Christina's help.

Christina got back home from helping out cousins Suki, Grace, and Kate late last night, and was so happy to see her girls this morning. Really, who could be less than ecstatic to come home to faces like these?

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