Monday, March 17, 2008

Guess what we're trying again? Yes, eating (semi)solid foods! Elena is completely on board and eats whatever we offer her. Clara isn't sure she likes eating from a spoon now, and tends to push out everything we try to put in that cute little mouth. Still, we keep offering her a few bites, and Elena is more than happy to eat whatever Clara doesn't want.

So far they are have had: rice cereal, yogurt, sweet potatoes, mangoes, bananas, and avocado. But they are still happiest with the bottles when they want some cuddles and comfort.

The girls were invited to their first easter egg dying party last weekend. We didn't get pictures of them there, but we did get some pictures of them playing earlier in the day before we left. We kept their dresses off until right before we went to the party, but they looked so cute in their shirts and tights - like little ballerinas, somehow!

This is just such a silly shot - but Clara adores looking at herself in the mirror, and so Christina was playing with her trying to catch that funny look. This was obviously minimal success, but it was too funny a picture not to share.

What could it be over on the left that causes such interest? Of course, it was one of the dogs. The girls stop whatever they are doing to just STARE whenever one of them comes along - then they both burst into smiles and giggles. Here, Amore is off camera lying on his back, and the girls couldn't get over looking at his belly.

And here's a shot of Elena just because she's cute - how much of a giraffe can she fit in her mouth? It's like she and Clara are constantly being scientists, trying to experiment with all of their surroundings.

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