Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Today was Nana Rose's final day of her visit, so we just had a quiet day with the girls and enjoyed our time together. Elena has been making all kinds of progress with eating. Here she is enjoying some "Mango Madness," which what Nana Rose called Steve's concoction of mango and banana all smashed together. Leni loved it, and ate the whole thing. About half-way through it, she grabbed the spoon out of Steve's hand and jammed it in her mouth. Here she is feeling very satisfied with herself.

While Leni was feeding herself, Clara played with Nana Rose. This may be one of the biggest smiles Clara has given us yet.

Later, we took a walk down to our local park. The big deal there is this double-child swing they have.
It may very well have been put there just for our two sweet girls.
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Em, Jared, Cor and Soph said...

The girls are so beautiful and getting so big!! I don't think that there could be a more happy family out there!