Saturday, June 8, 2013

School things

We did not take that many pictures of what went on in school for the girls this year. Christina was in the classroom every Monday to volunteer, and both Steve and Christina helped with a few other things, but we apparently did not document much of it. Here are two illustrators of what went down this year in kindergarten, though. These first shots are from a group work day to double the size of the community garden at the school. Each week the kids have a "special" period outside where they plant, or weed, or eat from this garden. On this day we helped lay down the weed fabric for the new section of the garden (a GREAT job for a group of kids, as it turns out) and to thin strawberries.

This is a bonus picture that has nothing to do with school, but somehow got lumped in the file and we're just leaving it here.  This was a performance for Irish dance that happened as part of the wildlife film festival in April.  We didn't bring the girls a coat, so here they are sharing Christina's.
And, here is a snapshot of each girl from their recent field trip, where they explored the University of Montana. For some of the kids this was a huge experience - for our girls, not so much.  They are there with us all the time.  But do they get to lift meteorites with us?  No, no they do not.

There was also an inflatable planetarium brought out for this visit - so funny!  We didn't know those existed, and they chose to inflate it and have the show in the classroom Christina has spent three hours every week in for one of her counseling classes.  It was certainly a different experience to have 20 giggly kids in an inflatable planetarium in that room instead of grad students talking about group counseling!

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