Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dunk tank

Christina was one of the faculty voted this year into the dunk tank as part of a fundraiser on campus.  Although she partly hoped she wouldn't end up being a finalist that got dunked she also had always wondered what being dunked would be liked.  And Clara and Elena LOVED the idea of Christina in a dunk tank.  So it came to pass.
And, my, was there a lot of dunking!!  That was an easily-triggered system, and the faculty in our department all gave the girls lots of money, so there was ample opportunity for Christina to experience the dunking part of the tank.  It was cold, but not nearly as bad as she thought it might be.

In the end, a fun life experience.  And Clara and Elena will always remember that they are the ones who got to dunk mom in front of all of her students.

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