Friday, June 7, 2013

Racing Spring

We had quite a spring of racing in this family. At the elementary school there was a program encouraging children to run.  Clara and Elena told us they needed to go running to cross items off of their checklist.  So we took them to the track, thinking that they would go around one time (.25 mile).  We were so surprised when they told us they wanted to do it four times so that they would get in a mile!  They followed through - this is them crossing the "finish line" Steve made at the end of their fourth time around - such runners!
But our girls are more than good runners - they are excellent spectators and supporters.  We went out to cheer on Steve as he completed his fifth triathlon, this time the Grizzly Tri right in town.

See Steve swim:

See Steve transition:
See Steve bike:
And see Steve run:

...and run...

...and run across the finish line!
We were so proud of him.
And those girls deserved a swing break after all of the supporting and spectating!

Our whole family participated in the YMCA Riverbank Run, which is routed along the Clark Fork river in town.  Christina completed her first 10k, running the whole way (no small feat for a girl still pretty new to running).

Clara did the one mile fun fun - she ran the whole thing, the first of our family to cross the finish line.
Steve stuck it out with Elena, who didn't enjoy the race as much once she got going as she thought she would before starting.  In the end, though, she was pretty proud of herself. 
We were all pretty proud of ourselves, actually.  Running family!

Christina ran one 5k race on her own - the Color Run, which is a trail run across farmlands right outside of town.  People get pelted with colored cornstarch power and also sprayed with liquid color.  It was a very, very fun mess.

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