Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Adoption Day

June 17 is the anniversary of Clara and Elena's adoption at the courthouse, and we like to commemorate the day every year.  It has been the tradition to do this through talking about the day we met them, the day we adopted them nearly one year later, and all the people who have helped us become a family. 

It has been our tradition each year to celebrate with cupcakes - the girls pick fun ones out of a book we have and then Christina helps them make them.  There are usually LOTS of sweets involved.  But this year our kitchen was out of order due to new floors being put in.  So Christina took the girls to a local bakery instead, and they had their pick of those cupcakes.

They do not appear disappointed, right?  Then we took the opportunity to take them overnight to a local hotel that has a big waterpark inside.  We were going for wow factor, and it worked - they spent hours and hours in the pool, going down the three-story water slides, and making up a game in this mushroom thing called "Crocodiles and Mermaids."  (We still don't really know how to play).

It was a fun day, with so much to be thankful for.  And the next day, we came home to this!  New tile floor.  Now Clara and Elena play jumping from tile to tile - much more fun than linoleum.  Christina and Steve are pretty fond of it, too.

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